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Elko Elektrokovina, production of electric motors, pumps, and foundry Maribor d.o.o. is a well known producer of asynchronous electric motors and water pumps in Slovenia as well as in the world. The company continues its 50-year-long tradition of developing, producing and selling high-quality hand-wound electric motors, pumps for drinking and contaminated water and feces pumps. An important part of the company is also its foundry, where products from aluminum and copper alloys are cast and, if necessary, also mechanically processed.

The company's headquarters are spread on around 35000 m2 on TrĹľaška cesta 23 in Maribor, where the entire production takes place. Here you will find also a service center and a store, which has many spare parts as well as various electric motors and pumps in stock.

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The trademark Elko Elektrokovina is a symbol of reliability and quality and is recognized by the customers all over the world, especially in the EU, the Middle East, Russia and Slovenia as well. Our commitment to quality has been confirmed, when we were issued the ISO 9001 international standards and our environmental policy was confirmed by the issuance of the ISO 14001 international standards.


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