EHAB-E-T hydroblocks

EHAB-E-T hydroblocks


The hydroblock is a compact device that successfully replaces the classic hydrophore wherever water consumption is low, such as single-family and holiday homes. It is also useful for higher and permanent water consumption, such as when washing a car or watering a garden. The hydroblock is suitable for pumping water from a well or from a water reservoir or tank where water can be pumped from a depth of up to 7 m. It can also operate connected to a local water supply as a pressure booster if the pressure is too low to supply the facility. It is suitable for pumping clean cold water with the temperature of up to 40°C. The technologically advanced design allows a large number of pump starts and requires no maintenance.

We provide spare parts and service for all our products, and according to the customer’s wishes, we can also manufacture pumps and electric motors tailored to the customer. (special versions) – pumps with motors for different voltages and pumps with motors for a frequency of 60 Hz.

Technical characteristics

Flow: up to 100l/min

Lifting pumping height: up to 55m

Engine power: 1.4 ÷ 1.5 kW

Power supply: 1-phase (230V) or 3-phase (400V)

Medium temperature: from 0°C to + 40°C

Ambient temperature: from 0°C to + 40°C

Suction height: up to 7m

Maximum permissible operating pressure of the housing: 10bar

Weight: 38 – 41 kg

The hydroblock is a hydrophore device that is automatically controlled depending on the pressure in the installation. They are manufactured with single-phase or three-phase electric motors, intended for connection to the electrical network via a motor protection switch.

The components of the hydroblock are:

VC 55 or VCE 55 pump (we produce them with all versions of multistage pumps type VC 55)

non-return valve

adjustable pressure switch (factory setting in the range of 2 – 4bar)

manometer 0 -11bar

membrane pressure vessel, space above the membrane filled with air at a pressure of 1bar

Purpose of use

for drinking water management

domestic use for the care of single-family houses

for watering gardens

car wash



plumbing systems

pool technology

industrial purposes

watering and irrigation systems

Basic technical data

Pump characteristics (Q/H Diagram)

Diagram and basic dimensions of the pump

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