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Electric motors

The special feature of our electric motors is manual winding which ensures a very high quality of motors and a long period of operation.

Electric motors are manufactured according to IEC standards. External rotary motors are specially designed to drive fans and can be installed directly in the fans. The advantages of these motors are space saving during installation, elimination of motor clutches and speed control in the range from 0 to 100% with satisfactory cooling, as well as compliance of the properties of the wings and motors. They are used in the ventilation industry.


The production program of pumps consists of:

  • Pumps for pumping clean, cold and hot water used in industry and agriculture, for water distribution in urban and rural areas, irrigation systems, water supply in domestic swimming pools and wells, hot water systems, etc.
  • Submersible drainage sump pumps are used for pumping dirty water from caves, shafts, basements, pools, reservoirs,…
  • Submersible sewage pumps for sewage, domestic sewage and all other waste water containing solid parts and fibers with a temperature of up to 40°C.
  • Centrifugal cooling pumps for pumping cooling emulsions in process machines.
  • Mixers for mixing clean water, wastewater and sewage in sewage treatment plants, ventilation pools, fish farming, agriculture,…

We also manufacture pushers or push devices that are used to release the brakes, act against the braking force with increasing force of the rod and push the brake calipers apart. Pushers are intended for installation on crane brakes, conveyor belts, mixing cylinders, lifting gates, small presses,….

The quality of our products is well known all over the world and is confirmed by our customers in the EU, Russia, the Middle East, England in the USA and elsewhere. We believe we can convince you with quality and durable product that last for generations, that is why we hope you’ll find our products interesting.