Sewage stations for fecal water

Sewage stations for fecal water


Sewage stations are intended for the collection and pumping of wastewater and feces from premises that are situated below the level of public sewerage. They have a collection container made of stainless steel, on which one or two sewage pumps are installed, one of which is working and the other spare. Such a design ensures maximum operational reliability. It is suitable for installation in larger residential, commercial, or industrial buildings. Both pumps and switches for switching on pumps and alarms are installed together on a stainless-steel container in which feces and other liquids are collected. The tank also has a connection for DN50 vent pipes and a G2 drain connection. In the case of a station with two pumps, parallel and alternating operation of the pumps is possible.

Technical characteristics

Flow: from 42 to 162 l/min

Lifting pumping height: up to 16m

Motor power: 1.25 ÷ 5.5 kW

Power supply: 3-phase (400V)

Medium temperature: from 0°C to + 40°C

Ambient temperature: from 0°C to + 40°C

Weight: 190 – 420kg

The fecal station is designed as a compact whole. The pumps are made in a waterproof version and with gray cast iron housings. The cutting system in the pump cuts the soft and fibrous parts in the liquid and thus prevents clogging of the sewer. The control cabinet, which is adapted for wall mounting, allows the pumps to operate automatically. Pumps and switches are connected by cables to a control box that has the following functions:

alternating pump activation

parallel connection of pumps in emergency situations

alarm activation when the fluid level is too high

electric motor protection against overload

Purpose of use

supply of facilities with sewage reservoirs lower than public sewerage

for larger fecal water and sewage systems

industrial purposes

utility systems

tall buildings (block of flats, hospitals, hotels, schools, and various other institutions)


sewage pumping stations

Basic technical data

The standard fecal pump includes:

collector with fixed two pumps

control cabinet for wall mounting, size 400 x 600 x 150mm

siren mounted on cabinet

manual diaphragm pump with G11/2 connections

Technical characteristics



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