Vertical multistage VCV pumps


Vertical multistage pumps are designed to pump clean cold or hot water with a temperature of up to 130°C. They are useful for supplying residential houses and settlements with water or for pumping process water. They are installed in irrigation systems, hydrophore devices, hydrant networks or hot water systems. In technological processes, they are useful for pumping all chemically neutral liquids that do not contain abrasive particles with a viscosity similar to the viscosity of water.

Technical characteristics

Flow: from 30 to 350 l/min

Lifting pumping height: up to 190m

Engine power: 0.45 ÷ 11kW

Power supply: 1-phase (230V) or 3-phase (400V)

Medium temperature: from 0°C to + 130°C

Ambient temperature: from 0°C to + 40°C

Suction height: up to 7m

Maximum permissible operating pressure of the housing: 20bar

Weight: 21 – 132kg

Vertical multistage pumps are made in a monoblock version with a joint shaft of the electric motor and the pumping part – the pumping part with castings made of gray cast iron and brass. Each stage of the pumping part consists of an impeller, a guide and a stage housing. The housings are sealed with seals. The pump shafts are sealed with mechanical seals. The pressure and suction connections of the pumps are equipped with internal threaded flanges. The drive motors are air-cooled three-phase motors with IP54 protection degree and insulation class F. Only VCVE 50/8S pumps are manufactured with single-phase motors with integrated starting and drive capacitors. Electric motors have built-in radial closed bearings. Motors with power up to 2.2kW are intended for direct start, and motors with power up to 3kW and more are designed for soft (y/Δ) start.

Purpose of use

– for drinking water management

– domestic use for the care of single-family houses

– supply of facilities with hot and cold water

– for irrigation systems

– car wash

– farms

– pool technology

– industrial purposes

– for pumping chemically neutral liquids

– plumbing systems

– watering and irrigation systems

Basic technical data

Pump characteristics (Q / H Diagram)

Technical characteristics

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