Large VCG 1025-3010 submersible pumps

Large VCG 1025-3010 submersible pumps


Submersible VCG pumps (1025, 2510, 3010) are used to pump water from construction pits, basements, and shafts. They are used during natural disasters to pump water from flooded areas and surfaces. They are often used to irrigate agricultural land. As submersible pumps, they are useful for emptying pools and tanks. They are suitable for pumping dirty water containing sludge and hard particles of up to 8mm in size. The temperature of the pumped liquid may reach a maximum of 40°C. The pumps are portable, so they are made of aluminum alloy components that are durable and impact resistant.

Technical characteristics

Flow: from 0 to 4800l/min

Lifting pumping height: up to 45m 

Motor power: 7,5 ÷ 10kW

Power supply: 3-phase (400V), 50Hz

Medium temperature: from 0°C to + 40°C

Installation depth: up to 10m in the medium

Weight: 70 – 78kg

The pumps are made of aluminum alloy housings and stainless-steel parts. Impellers for pumping are made of special hard cast iron. They are made with three-phase underwater electric motors in dry design. The components of the pumps are submersible electric motors. The windings of the electric motors are of the dry version with Class F insulation. The pump shafts are sealed with mechanical seals that are resistant to the presence of solid particles in the pumped water. Graphite mechanical seals are installed in the bearings. There is oil in the oil chambers between the seals which lubricates the seals. The hydraulic parts next to the fluids are rubberized with a rubber that is resistant to wear and the impact of mineral oils. Pumps are made to order for various voltages and frequencies.

Submersible drainage sump pumps are often used as portable pumps, so the pressure connections are adapted for flexible (rubber) hoses. With such use, it is important that the pumps can be operated without water for a short time. For all pumps we supply control cabinets made according to customer requirements.

Purpose of use


Construction pits, flooded basements, shafts

For flood emergencies

domestic use

for irrigation systems


pool technology

industrial purposes

watering and irrigation systems

Basic technical data

Pump characteristics (Q / H Diagram)

Diagram and basic dimensions of pumps

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