Smaller FC (E) 305-510 sewage pumps

Smaller FC (E) 305-510 sewage pumps


FC (E) 305-510 submersible pumps are used for pumping domestic and industrial effluents and all wastewater that does not contain solid particles and sand. Only soft fibrous particles may be present in the effluent. The temperature of the liquid and the surroundings must not exceed 40°C. Manufactured with single- or three-phase underwater electric motors in dry design, the pumps are robust, made with gray cast iron components.

Technical characteristics

Flow: from 36 to 54m3/h

Lifting pumping height: up to 16m

Engine power: 0.85 ÷ 1.8kW

Power supply: 1-phase (230V), or 3-phase (400V),

Medium temperature: from 0°C to + 40°C

Installation depth: up to 10m in the medium

Weight: 30 – 35kg

Pumping part: The pumps are single stage, made in a monoblock version with a joint shaft of the pump and the electric motor. The space between the pump and the electric motor is partially filled with oil which allows dry running as the oil cools and lubricates the sliding seals. The properties of the oil meet ecological requirements and do not pose a danger to the environment in the event of a spill. The open impeller version allows the passage of lumpy fibrous particles with a diameter of 10 to 100 mm. When combined with a chopping board, the impeller cuts the fibrous impurities in the pumped liquid to prevent clogging of the pipeline. A free-flow pump is also possible. The housings are made of gray cast iron, while shafts and screws are made of stainless steel and are resistant to mild acids, sludge water and silicates.

Electric motor: Underwater single-phase or three-phase asynchronous motor cooled with ambient medium temperature up to 40°C with additional power for operation in unsinkable version. The winding is of class F (155°C) with IP68 degree of protection. Single-phase motors have a permanently connected electrical cabinet (with capacitors), while three-phase motors have only a cable with the lengths of 8 and 10 m. The electric motor is dimensioned in such a way that it also allows a dry installation of the pump next to the collector.

Pump installation: Wet installation (stable or portable) is common, as the pump is immersed in the liquid it is pumping. In doing so, the liquid cools the electric motor. With a stable installation in the shaft, an accessory with a lock is used, which enables quick installation of the pump and easy lifting of the pump without entering the shaft during maintenance work. With the accessories, two 2″ pipes are installed in the shaft which guide the pump when lowered into the shaft. Portable pumps, which are moved from shaft to shaft, are equipped with accessories that contain elbows for the connection of flexible pipes. The pumps are therefore equipped with a threaded or flanged suction connection, as shown in the sketches in the catalog. The fluid level in the manifold must always be above the pump pressure connection. This will prevent the formation of an air bag in the pump. Therefore, with FC(E) pumps, the corresponding accessories can also be used for mounting, as the P-FC-Z accessories can be used to quickly lower and automatically connect the pump in the shaft, and the P-FC-P accessories can be used to equip portable pumps.


Lock accessories P-FC-Z 80 for pumps with DN 80 connection

Accessories for portable version P-FC-P 80 for pumps with DN 80 connection

Purpose of use

for biological wastewater or feces pumping systems

fecal water pumping

Industrial purposes

for treatment plants

for pumping stations


For home use


Construction pits, flooded basements, shafts

Basic technical data

Technical characteristics

Pump characteristics (Q/H Diagram)

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