CM cooling pumps

CM cooling pumps


Refrigeration pumps are intended for pumping coolants on machine tools (CNC machines, lathes, drilling machines, grinding machines, …). They can also be used to pump all other non-aggressive liquids with a viscosity not exceeding 37 mm2/s and a liquid temperature not exceeding 40°C. The hydraulic data in the table and diagram apply to water at 20°C. At higher viscosities, the flow and pumping height are reduced. Pumps of type 2-CM and CM are built for connection to an alternating three-phase network with the voltage of 400-460 V, frequency 50-60 Hz and star contact. Pumps of type 2-CME are for AC single-phase mains voltage of 230 V and frequency range 50-60 Hz. By special agreement, we can also supply pumps for other voltages and frequencies.

Technical characteristics

Flow: from 58 to 65 l/min

Lifting pumping height: from 4 to 55m

Motor power: 0.1 ÷ 1.1kW

Power supply: 1-phase (230V), or 3-phase (400V and 460V),

Medium temperature: from 0°C to + 40°C

Installation depth: from 100mm to 240mm in medium

Weight: 6.9 – 14.5 kg

The cooling pumps are made in a monoblock version. The pump is installed on the coolant tank so that only the pump part is immersed in the liquid. In the lower part of the pump body, an impeller is installed, which is protected by the pump cover. The stator of the electric motor is attached to the upper part of the body with a terminal box, which is closed at the top by a bearing shield. The rotor of the electric motor and the pump impeller are attached to a joint shaft. The body of the pump is made of gray cast iron, while the impeller is made of reinforced plastic, resistant to wear. The electric drive motor can be in three-phase and single-phase versions. The mechanical design of the electric motor corresponds to the degree of protection IP54 according to the IEC standard. All connection dimensions of the CM and 2-CM (E) pumps comply with DIN 5440.

Purpose of use

Industrial purposes

for emulsion cooling in metalworking


Cooling machines – milling machines, lathes, saws, drilling machines,…

For cooling systems

Ventilation technology

Basic technical data

Pump characteristics (Q / H Diagram)


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